Anderson reunion

9-11 August 2019

Cousin Robert James wrote of a William Gene offspring reunion. My siblings came close to forming a Richard Donald pentagram at the end of the year. The John Calder branch sees one another regularly. And there’s no rest for the clan of Robert Graham. 

Add to that the virtual touch of family through the internet tubes, visits from cousins, and cousin Christopher a 30 minute metro ride away, and my 2018 has felt like a reunion-in-motion.

What-ho! But that’s not good enough, you say! As cousin Soozie et al. refuse to yield to the difficulties of gathering without our 4 pillars, so it is that a reunion of the Emsworth Andersons is afoot. 

Who? Emsworth Andersons
What? tl;dr (see above)
Where? The Apple Plant, Shepherdstown, WV
When? 9-11 August 2019
How? By the power of Grayskull! 

We will have a family dinner on Saturday with loose gatherings on Friday and Sunday. 

On site are a pool, a flat lawn for play (we’re partial to Wiffle ball and croquet), and big roofs. 2 hotels are a 20 minute walk away. Many more are close by car. 

Shepherdstown has more than its fair share of amenities near and less near. IAD, BWI, and DCA are all within 90 minutes. Antietam National Battlefield is 20 minutes away. There’s even local terrain for golf for those inclined. When it stops raining in record amounts, the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers offer kayaking &c. The C&O canal towpath makes for family friendly cycling and walking. The Appalachian Trail is 30 minutes away.

More details to come but none of it is worth a damn without you.

Why? Look at how much fun these people are having! And here. And this pair. And this lad — less cute but increasingly crass


Image via Bizzy McIlnay Chan — 2013

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