The Campmobile

The Campmobile has moved. Not this one  but It’s one more step in the migration away from Apple’s MobileMe.

Years ago, — or what I had as a website — was hosted on a shared server. Funny, I can not even recall what the domain name was. While a plethora of hosting options are available, I will stay with for the time being. It served me well in the Route 230 blog. Perhaps I will start writing in notes longer than 140 characters again.

Sharing for this blog as of this moment (unlike Route 230) is straight through WordPress. I’ve been using WordPress allows direct sharing to Facebook & LinkedIn as well, although if I recall correctly, I have Twitter feeding those other places. Perhaps a direct feed to each is better?

And no, I am not moving away from Apple products; just moving onto the iCloud. The cloud has been good to me. I am a big user of Dropbox, occasionally user of SugarSync, and a big fan of Google Docs for collaborations personal and professional.

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