Two lists of things from today at Le Cordon Bleu

Resting over night
12 small baguettes
1 pain d’épice
2 pain campagne

Baked today
3 baguettes (crappy fast rise ones, but still fresh and “good enough”)
3 whole wheat loaves
6 dozen chouquettes
1 kugelhopf

A chouquette is a puff pastry sprinkled with big grains of sugar. (I’ve forgotten the proper English word for this big-grained sugar.) On a weekend, if I am picking up some pastries for breakfast, I will often ask for a half-dozen chouquettes.) Children, to say the least, love them.

The chouquettes were a big hit when I picked up the boy. I wonder if some of the parents who might not recognize me wondered if I was up to something nefarious.

The chouquettes were gone by the end of our time at the park. Antoinette was happy I set aside a few for her.

Me? Enjoying wheat in a different form right now.

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