Our lady (of football)

A list of reasons why I am pleased to see the resurgence of Notre Dame Football:

  1. The Redskins, Cowboys, and Braves (Oh, my!) are no longer worthy of my scorn.
  2. Pangs of nostalgia. Even without being a Notre Dame fan as a lad, watching Notre Dame v. (most memorably) the Service Academies* &c. was a big part of my childhood.
  3. Kelly finished his tenure at Cincinnati with a 34–6 record. (Many UC students and alumni have a hard time caring about football — sometimes even basketball — but that record is astounding.)
  4. The school is named for our lady, for God’s sake!

*I lived in central Connecticut from age 0-11. While we lived decidedly on the Red Sox side of the sports dividing line (and Bruins), my memory of our football telecasts suggests a lean toward New York. I’m only guessing here but I imagine that meant seeing more of Notre Dame, which was only expanded upon moving to Ohio.

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