Napkin rings: you’re using them wrong

Inspired by The Wedding Registry Gifts We Still Use 10 Years Later (and the Ones We Don’t) — via Life in the Kitchen | The Kitchn

I have strangely strong opinions on napkin rings. And you’re using them wrong.

The mention in the link above matches my recollection of napkin ring use during my childhood. The rings were a formal addition to a table.

For my family, napkin rings are an essential table accessory at every meal. And it has little to do with the way the table is set. 

A napkin ring is used to track your napkin before its trip to the laundry basket. We use cloth napkins with every meal and these are put away when clearing the table. Each person has a personalized ring. Their napkin remains so until it goes into the wash.

I’ve grown so fond of this custom that I have turned personalized wooden rings for those who are frequent visitors to our home. The rings that are store bought? None of them match. 

That’s how you use a napkin ring. And, no, do not feel free to tell me otherwise. 

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