Skyfall (spoiler within!)

This post contains a spoiler. Still, I am writing this post with the thought that some readers have not seen Skyfall and will…

…proceed at their own risk. 

Skyfall ends with the destruction of a particular property — a partially underground lair. What Bond films does not? If you’ve seen the film, you know this time it’s with a twist. Earlier in the story timeline, the (then) standing building is sold. By the end, the buyer is certainly going to want out of that deal. The building wasn’t exactly a tear-down.

If the seller needs a new buyer, I know one who would be pleased to purchase the land, crumbling buildings and old foundations making it all the more interesting, not less.

It’s someone who doesn’t really care what’s been left standing…

Someone with a license to dig…

The name’s Hog, Ground Hog. */queue music/*

1997 Groundhog party invitation1997 Groundhog party invitation

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