Last images of the Argonne

Not fitting into any story nor neat category are these few more images from our spring time trip to the Argonne. A few of these have been (more than usual) heavily manipulated in Adobe Lightroom.

The power of what a computer can achieve with respect to images presents a number of decisions which are difficult to make. The human eye is an amazing device, having a dynamic range which can not be equalled with a lens and film — digital or old-school — even by my once beloved Kodachrome.

So enter Lightroom, and other image editing software (or old-fashioned burns and dodges at the enlarger), where we can manipulate what is presented to better match what we think we saw. The sunrise images are my attempt to capture how the rising sun and fog appeared to me as I exited a forested hill top during my drive to the American cemetery.

The post-sunrise images are form a short detour we took on our way back to the train station in Reims, at a lovely little chapel in the woods.

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